Tuesday, January 27, 2009

that's my grandma Rita, she was there during my birth and guess what? mom told me that this grandma bought me clothes from Dubai even before i was born, in fact my mom was only 6months pregnant.

Thats another grandpa, his wife is the one who was there with my mom throughout her labor until i was born. He is really kind to have let her spend the whole night at the hospital to give my mom support. big thanks to him.

My grandms and i at my great parents home in Machame just before a big family meeting. behind me is aunty Charity who was also present.

While in Machame we enjoyed lots of time with the great grandparents. thats me being carried by great grandma and my cousin Salome being carried by great grandpa

Monday, January 26, 2009

i met so many relatives in moshi, thats me and my aunt Caroline, she is cousins with my mom.

Thats me on the left and my cousin Salome on the right getting a nice picture with great grandpa on 26th December 08 after he blessed us.

that was when we were in Machame and on 26th December 08 we went to see my great grandpa, u can see me there with mum and the one infront is my aunt Carolinah,next to my mum is aunt marth and uncle Sam carrying my cousin Salome. Great grandpa blessed us and prayed for us, it was really nice and interesting as i have never really seen someone that old.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grandpa and I in the car just about to leave Moshi for Dar on 29th December 08. I love my grandpa coz he is also my doctor, yes my grandpa is a paediatrician, if you ask me he is the best doctor in the world, yes i said world or should i say universe??

Slumber time, thats me taking a nap in my cot

Slumber time, thats me taking a nap in my cot

Thats me less that a week old, grandma was just too excited about my arrival. oh by the way i am her very first grandchild, no wonder the excitement.

Thats my paternal great grandpa, my grandma and mom carrying me, it felt nice when he carried me. over there my mom had to carry me coz he was not feeling well and had actually come to Dar es Salaam for treatment, he stays in Machame.

Thats me playing on my baby gym, at first i never used to understand it but these days i love it so much, it plays music and has nice toys hanging on it.

One of my mom's good friend auntie Nargis, mum told me that she is so funny. Wait till you meet her.
That's auntie Julie mom's very dear friend who was always there for my mom throughout her pregnancy. Auntie Julie loves me so much infact she is just like a mother to me. I hope you all get to meet her one day, she was also there massaging my mom's back when my mom was in labor until i was born. Her husband was also very understanding coz my mom went into labor at around 9pm and only delievered me at 04:35am.

Friday, January 23, 2009

yes, thats me in Machame this past Christmas. we had lots of fun. the dress im wearing my aunt Carolinah brought it from South Africa as my Christmas Gift so i wore it on Christmas Day.

Thats my mum and I posing, mum also loves pictures i must say coz she told me that she bought this really expensive camera just so she can take pictures of me everyday and trust me thats all we do, take pictures!!! i love my mum so much, she means the world to me.

I told you my grandma loves pictures, there i go with her. we did so many poses with her but i cant put them all on my blog.

thats me posing inthe studio. Grandma Hon. Rita Mlaki is the one who bought me that cute dress. My mum told me that grandma Rita went to Dubai and brought the dress plus other cute clothes before i was even born, my mum was only 6months pregnant.

This was my first picture in a real studion in Gaborone. Grandma and mum went with me to take pictures. My grandma loves pictures. just look at the ones below we also took on the same day.

That was me on the plane for the first time, we were off to Botswana with Grandma and mum. i was so excited coz i was going to see my auntie Carolinah, uncle Sam, grandpa and auntie Martha. i just couldnt wait to meet them all.

I was crying coz i felt irritated, the lady was assisting my mom to get my fingerprints for processing my passport. check my face out!! It didnt even hurt, i wonder why i was crying like that.
My great grandma and I. She came to see me at my mom's place, look at how excited she is to carry me, and i was definately enjoying myself coz you know how many blessings you get when the grand parents carry you. look at my smile.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

On far right is my uncle Hiza, next to him is his mum grandma Joyce and her husband who is my grandma's brother and next to him is my great grandma.
They all came to church to witness my christening and infact Uncle Lawrence was also there but he was the one taking a video and pictures. He was really kind to make sure i got all the pictures.

On the left seated in front is my grandma and next to her is grandma's older sister who is also my grandma and she was present during my birth. After the empty chair is my great grandma.
Look at how nice they looked, and did you notice they are all wearing pinkish and they didnt even plan it, it just happened.

Mum and I again. I wonder why mum has that look on her face, well i guess it was kind of emotional and one of those memorable memorable moments in my life.

Mum and I in church. All the mother's who were Christening their babies were called upfront so there I am with my mom. look how sweet we looked!!

All white in my Christening outfit that mum bought for me in South Africa. I looked like an angel, i even had a nice lace hat on. Mum says i was so tiny the outfit didnt really fit well but i still looked like a princess. Sorry i was alseep but you know how babies spend most of their times sleeping, right!!

That's my dearest grandma busy bathing be so gently on my Christening Day. Is'nt she so kind and loving. Look how delicate and tiny i am there. Mum says she used to get scared when bathing me. Oh, look at that bath tab of mine, its really cool it moves by the way.

This was my Christening day, grandma helped mum to bath me

My 1st few days into this world

My name is Sallyrose Louise Matshidiso Lugembe, I was born on 06th June 2008 at 04:35am at Aga Khan Hospital. Present at my birth were my grandma Hon.Rita Louise Mlaki and my mom's very dear friend Juliet Kilongomtwa. I am very grateful to them for having been there to support my mum when she was in painful labor. I cant even imagine how much it hurt.