Friday, February 27, 2009

look at my hair... looking nice ready to go for a bday party....near my dad's house..

my mother in law Kisa Malik, always there when i need her.... love her...

Mom and i at Marrybrown after i finished playing

at Marrybrown with aunt Juliana helping me on the slide while mum took a photo

Thursday, February 26, 2009

thats just me in action on the swing at Marrybrown and the other pics im on mom's bed just before mom left for work

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My mommy and I struggling to get me fed at Ngurdoto Lodge by the poolside. Dont we look great!!! I love my mommy sooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccchhhhh!!!!!

My mother in law Kisa Maliq doing her thang, i was crying so much so she had to assist. i told you she loves me....

Mom and I loving each other at Ngurdoto after lunch
its all about me, me and more me!!! so get used to it....

Thats me at Ngurdoto by the poolside, mum had to take me outside so i could eat properly.

Aunty Bahati and I at Marrybrown

Just taking a pose on my mom's bed

Spending some quality time with my man Jameel Maliq. We do this most saturdays!!

My aunt Carolinah and I looking stunning as always. we have a house full of beauties...

Ladies night out,looking all hot aunty Mange, myself and my mother in law Kisa Maliq

Mapenzi moto moto, i was busy fixing my man's hat, behind every great man is a great woman...

Me at Marrybrown again, with the cartoons stealing pictures with me, they followed me all over the place.

thats me at Marrybrown during the birthday party.

check me out in disney land... ha ha just kidding, i was at Marrybrown for a birthday party...

My mother in law Kisa Maliq busy feeding me in my boyfriend's room.
Thats me during my clinic visit at 7months old, at Premier Care Clinic, the nurses are ever so friendly.

My dad is a Msukuma so i have that blood in me, when i see Ugali, i wanna eat eat and eat!!!!

Thats me and my boyfriend Jameel Maliq, he is so cute and his parents love me to bits.... dont be jealous....

Thte queen herself posing for a are lucky to be viewing the 8th wonder of the world!!!

I told you i hate food so while im being fed, i fall asleep in the process. My mom really has patience for me.

Uncle Nkurumah and I at aunty Kisa's house

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

thats dada Neema, she used to take care of me.

The love of my life, DEAR MOTHER and I, i love you to the moon and back again. I thank God for you.

After wrestling with me while eating, aunt Julie had a picture with me.

Eating time is fighting time for me, aunt Julie getting dirty with me...

I managed to get up, seeee!!!

getting up on my own already...

Mom's friend, aunty Vida and I at Marrybrown

Mom's friend aunty Kay and I at Marrybrown

Mu, aunt Carolinah and I having dinner at spurs on 4th January 09, the day before aunt Carolinah left to go back to South Africa, we were all very sad coz the holidays went by so fast.

more and more friends, thats Nutayla and Madiha at shoppers plaza.

i have lots of friendsm thats aunt Sabrina carrying me.

my mom's cousin Lawrence Kweka, also present at the lunch, he was so much fun...

We are family, my grandma's brother (uncle Emmanuel and his wife Esther), standing behind is grandma's older sister, grandma Rita Mlaki who was there during my birth. the other baby is my cousin Salome. Grandma Rita had a big lunch at her place on 01st January 09.

Grandpa and Grandma having a great picture moment with me on New Year's at Sea Cliff, we had lots of fun...

Aunt Carolinah and Aunt Martha, plus myself looking like celebrities on new year's celebration at Sea Cliff Hotel

have you ever been to the place behind me? Its Mt.Kilimanjaro, yes we can see the view of the great Mt.Kilimanjaro right from my grandpa's house, is'nt that great.

After lunch at Ngurdoto Lodge on 26th December 08, we went to my great grandma's place in Mailisita where she had also prepared a meal for us, so we ate and we all prayed together then she laid hands on us, next time you see glowing dont ask why, just know that i am BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVOURED.....

December 26th, 2008, all dressed up going to Ngurdoto Lodge for Lunch, mum said it was a nice place so i could wait to get there.

I told you we had a big family meeting, the chairperson was my great grandpa, there i am waiting for the meeting to start.

My grandpa's younger sister, makes her my grandma....she was definately amused by my smartness... ha ha

My mom's cousin, aunt Sheila busy admiring my beauty.