Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Helping mommy arrange things in the store
Helping mommy unpack after shopping

Aunty Julie,Uncle Claus and family plus me at Holiday Inn

trying to be cool

Aunty Carolinah and I at Marrybrown,we have fun i miss her

New year's eve at Sea cliff with family, oohhh i miss them
Aunty Carolina and I at Sea cliff

Mommy and I at Sea cliff

Me being me...

Uncle Peter,aunty Carolina and I at Uncle Peters house

Mommy,Uncle Peter and I
Thats me and my nanny at our house in Machame, its really nice and big

outside our house in machame,it was nice,i never get to play outside like this in Dar

Aunty Caroline was teaching me some dance moves

My great grandma's, my grandpa and grandma, aunty Carolinah and grandpa's sister on the far left. it was Xmas day

i was enjoying the great weather and surroundings in Machame...that place is just lovely
My great grandma spent xmas with us,it was nice

enjoying quality time in the village with the villagers,i met very nice people

chilling at home

uncle Gachanja and I

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me in my mom's shop in Mbezi its called Celebrity Baby Shop
Looking gud in mum's sunglasses

Uncle Rama and I at Marrybrown

Mom and aunty Carolina at airport in South Africa

aunty Julie and I at her place

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Mom and aunty Leyla
My friend Jasmine and her mom Leyla and I at Slipway.

Owami and I playing at Marrybrown

Me and Dada Agnes at Myra's Bday party

Cake cutting time