Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Helping mommy arrange things in the store
Helping mommy unpack after shopping

Aunty Julie,Uncle Claus and family plus me at Holiday Inn

trying to be cool

Aunty Carolinah and I at Marrybrown,we have fun i miss her


  1. Wakikua haoo, wengine hawapendi kabisa kutumwa kazi! Mungu amjalie apende kazi siku zote.


  2. Adeline update blog ya Sallyrose Lugembe huwa tunaitembelea kila wakati

  3. haya my dear nitai update often

  4. beautiful baby.I think u shouldnt be telling the whole world what u think ur daughter feels, when she does this and that etc. Its like a book she'd lky to write herself when she grows up...personally If i were Sallyrose I wouldnt want all the fuss. Maybe u shuld put a blog for u and ur activities and what u feel for her insted. I must say though u re blessed with wealth and that she is having the best of everything.

  5. thank you very much for your idea,i will try and work on it. Thank you also for your nice comments,i thank God for always providing for us just what we need.much love to you..