Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thats me showing off that i can stand!!
My mommy and I, oh how i love her, she is my everything, may God bless her abundantly!!

at home on my play gym, my first time to braid my hair, dada Rehema did it for me.


and more ME!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i know how to use a laptop too, its sooo easy...cant you see im pressing without even looking!!

On 21st April 09 i started walking, my mom came from work and she was so suprised, she even took me to aunty Julie's place and aunty Julie was so happy she fed me Makande(beans and maize cooked together) soup for the first time as you can see in the picture.

That swing is absolutely cool, you can come and try it if you think im kidding. check out my smile and im also showing off my teeth which started showing around end of March, i was about 10mnths old

The girls were busy this past easter weekend.

its picture time ya'll...we were posing..as the new mini spice girls...

after a nap, now im re energised again, just thinking what trouble to get up to..
Baleseng and I looking good as always

Thats me and my girlfriends Owami and Jasmine playing on Easter Monday 13th April 09

Me, Myself and I busy getting busy with toys..the mat im sitting on is musical by the way
My friend Jasmine had to kiss me, i was looking good and she had not seen me in a while.

next picture is Jasmine and i playing and pretending to read.

Jasmine's mum, Leyla, stealing a moment of fame with me, she could not believe how much i had grown when she arrived.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dada Rehema trying to help me walk on my own, next pic is me standing with support.

thats me on my potty..its got music and its really cool

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

at home

Thats me alone being carried by Rose our house helper and the other picture is aunty Nargis and I, i had just woken up...


Thats me on the swing alone and the other picture is me posing with mummy dearest at slipway!! dont we look cute!!

05th April 09 at Slipway

mum and I at slipway
thats me on the swing playing at slipway, its funny who you meet when you go out to play, very interesting...just watch closely and you will know what i mean...

Thats aunty Dineo and her daughter Owame, myself and my mom at slipway. we were just having fun...

5th April 09 Slipway

Dineo and I on the swing. next picture is Dineo, Nicole and I
Dineo and Owami on the swing all at slipway

on 17th March i cut my finger so deep that even the tendon got cut, i got 2 stitches and the doctor says i will need an operation to fix the tendon. thats a picture of my finger and thats my nanny Rehema, she takes good care of me.
Next picture is of me and uncle Nicky, he is lots of fun.
The third picture is me trying to find the fish in water... can you??

Me at My usual play site Marrybrown, then me and aunty Julie and bottom is me, my boyfriend Jameel Malik and his mom at their house in Upanga.


Thats me at Marrybrown with mom's friends, Nicky, Aunty Kisa and Aunty Manka.