Tuesday, September 28, 2010

me being me at home
one day on our way home, we bumped into these lovers....hahaha very real

its meal time all are welcome

sometimes mummy lets me eat on my own...

after eating i usually floss

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The theme was Fairytale

the real princess Malaika turning 5yrs old with her princess wand and crown and dress and shoes..wow!! she was a real princess
the Cake and cup cakes

then the paper princess

that was the set up on the table,the serviette,fork,plate,straw,cup

we had princess tattoos pasted on our hands as well

me and my man Jameel.....
me being me,forever happy at bdays,i am wearing a crown on my head which all the girls got to show they are princesses

my dear sweet baby Iqra, she is no longer a baby.....

thats Ayla,she was enjoying ice cream which all kids got,this party had a lot to eat

me and Uncle Nyange posing for a picture

food food food yummy chips and chicken
children eating

the party scene...food on the table

here we were singing happy bday

Malaika cutting her bday cake

Malaika giving a taste of her cake to a friend
Malaika feeding her little brother Duck

daddy's turn

aunty nafue's turn on behalf of mummy who was not around

they had little cup cakes for everyone,the girls had cupcakes with princess rings on while the boys had cupcakes with frog rings on them.

there go the princess rings for the girls...guys had frog rings
we got party bags with sweets inside,yummy!!

Thats Elsa with her bag

Dereck with his party bag

another gorgeous baby with her party bag

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

thats grandma Rita and I, she was the one present when i was being born at the hospital so we have a special bond and I love her very much coz imagine she was with my mother from 10pm at night until 4:35am when i was born....wow!! she is so sweet!!mwaaaahhhhh!!here im at her house in Mikocheni,i had gone for a visit.
playing beauty tips with grandma Rita,she was teaching me how to apply lipstick,hers was designer YSL,she wouldnt let me go home with it so she said she would buy me my own one that is not as expensive as hers...lol
rubbing the lipstick on her lips

then my turn to apply lipstick....yey!!

grandma, Salome and I

grandma serving us cake..yummy

i was showing grandma Rita my true colors of being naughty when she served us cake, Sallyrose in action
still busy playing with the cake, twas fun

thats grandpa Abraham,we had gone to visit him as he had recently had a stroke...he is doing well and we thank God for that

that is aunty Shamim,sometimes she helps mummy to take care of me on weekends like there she is happily doing her job

thats me at the new complex opposite sea cliff village,mummy took me to enjoy the splash balls

me at Marrybrown having my usual fun with mummy dearest
Salome and I at Sea cliff posing for a picture

my new friends that i met at Marrybrown,they were so much fun

thats Salome and I on the slide,she was scared coz she was not yet used to the slide as I am, i remember I also used to be like her at first.

Salome and her mummy at Marrybrown...they had fun

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My cousin's arrival in Dar from Botswana

this was when they arrived at the airport
nice,jus coming thruu the airport doors