Friday, April 30, 2010

Lunch time at Monte Casino
after the graduation ceremony we went to Monte Casino for lunch
Thats aunty Carolinah graduating

thats me inside the auditorium as u can see from the background

The lecturers and deans and Vice chancellor walking in
grandpa and grandma

mommy and I

Sam, Martha and Salome during the graduation ceremony
mommy got a picture of aunty Carolinah at the ceremony, they were sitting really far so mum had to zoom in her camera to get this picture.

My cousin Salome and I in the auditorium where the graduation ceremony was taking place
Grandpa, uncle Sam and aunt martha at the Graduation ceremony, they were waiting to go for potrait pictures

my cousin Salome and I

i was happy to attend my aunt Carolinah's graduation ceremony and here i was showing some love to my cousin Salome, we were dressed alike. people thought we were twins.
uncle Sam,his wife aunt martha and my cousin Salome

Grandpa and grandma, this was the morning of the graduation which took place in south africa,so here we were at our holiday home.

My mommy and her friend Zanele from high school, i wasnt here coz i was busy making friends on other tables
Aunty Zanele grabbed me for a photo coz i just couldnt sit down..wimpy was fun

with our moms at Gaborone sun

Mommy met her friend aunty Tshepiso at Gaborone Sun and they were both so excited so we took pics and i played with her children. thats me and mommy, aunty Tshepi and her son and her niece and daughter and sister.
me and aunty Thsepi's children

i made other friends at Gaborone Sun as you can we had just finished playing soccer

Aunty Christine,mom,myself and one of the twins,we had fun at Gaborone Sun hotel
thats me and the twins,they both wanted me.

playing at Gaborone sun

thats me with Hector,he is a son to mom's friend Christine, guess what! Hector has a twin brother called Matthew. infact im not even sure whether he is Hector or Matthew, we were both born in June 2008.
my first kiss...

My mom and I at a coffee shop in riverwalk. we were just blogging.

posing at home
at home relaxing

in grandma's office

i went to grandma's office and i was so fascinated by the pictures she had put on her wall coz my pictures were there too.
i also wanted to get busy in grandma's office

i had to sadly get out of the car and let her go to work.

grandma was going to work and i insisted i wanted a ride
thats grandma posing at home, now you know where my poses come from.

at Game city mall with aunty Carolinah and my cousin Salome Ashley

mommy was so excited to meet her ex schoolmate Fiona and her husband Allen at Game City mall, they all went to Anderson School in Zimbabwe.
Thats me carrying KFC,ready to go munching

At the station mall with aunt Carolinah and aunt Martha and Salome
I escorted aunt Carolinah to the salon.

Thats us in the kitchen, aunt Carolinah was feeding Salome

My cousin and her mom came to Gaborone so we could get to know each other, here i was just showing her some love with a kiss.
out shopping for groceries with mommy at Spar

Clothes shopping with mommy,what i do best...

On the plane back to Gaborone from Francistown, i was all over the plane..
Aunty Martha with my cousin Salome and I when we had jus arrived at the airport.

Uncle Sam,his daughter Salome and Mommy and I, just getting ready to leave for the airport

The day we were leaving Francistown,i was sad coz i had enjoyed my stay in Francistown.
During my stay in Francistown,we visited bibi and babu Dr.Mallya, i enjoyed my time there coz they love children.

When i was in Botswana i got a chance to go to Francistown to visit my Uncle Sam and his Wife and their baby Salome Ashley,who is also my cousin. Thats
y mommy,Salome Ashley and i just after church we went to GALO mall.