Friday, October 15, 2010

food food food at Cine club on Nyerere Day 14 October 2010
Carrying me is grandma Jacky Tlale all the way from Botswana, Hon.Upendo Msuya(middle) and Marsha Msuya

me and aunty Jacky Tlale eating
a friend i met at Cine club, called Prince

me swinging at Cine Club on this special Nyerere Day

thats me visiting great grandma who also had come for the wedding,i didnt go empty handed as you can see there i was giving her some cash

after giving her some cash she kissed me and blessed me and my mummy

One of my uncles called Charles got married on 09 October 2010 to this beautiful girl called Lucrasia and many relatives came from the village to attend the wedding..
these were the bridemaids

The cars that drove the bride and groom

The day of their engagement....Charles and Lucrasia

these are some of the relatives who attended the wedding all the way from Arusha amd Moshi,carrying me are Clara and Glady
here carrying me is one of my other great grandma's, and the other 2 grandmas as well all on my grandfather's side.

This great grandma is so funny,she was refusing to have a picture taken coz my mummy always takes pictures of her but she never sees them...

after mummy promised that she will give her the pictures thats when she agree to have her picture taken....

this is my young grandpa

This is me in my sports uniform, i love the bright yellow
I thought it would be a good idea to show you my colouring from school..i got a GOOD and a sticker

My partner Owami is back and guess what,we are now schooling together...yey!!thats us dancing there

bestfriends forever,Owami and I

I got black BATA school shoes,finally...they are so heavy to walk in.

In my Class

welcome to my class!! let me show you what in here
This is an alert,so when you come to my school remember to speak English please

These are the names of the students in my class,Can you see my name on the far left?

We learn about vegetables


This is our number chart

Our Weather Chart

The colours

We also leasrn about GOOD HABITS

Thursday, October 7, 2010


today is Salome's birthday and its a pity she left on Tuesday 5th October 2010,but i gave her a gift on Monday 4th October 2010 as u can see below
kiss for her, mwahhhhhhh!!!!

dynamite comes in small packages


This was the day they were leaving,it was at 2am in the morning,can you believe it...i miss her already and at night i usually wake up and call her name Salommmmeeeee!!!


mummy put me in my naughty corner,these days when i do wrong thats where i sit, so i was telling her "you mummy,you"
then she didnt listen so i got bored and decided to suck my finger

then i was even more angry,i even cried as u can see

got tired of crying so i was licking my mucus

My cousin Salome and I chilling at home on Monday 04 October 2010
us playing

here we were playing telephone telephone

hahaha halo,halo

Youuuuuu!!thats my favorite saying

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


thats me ready to eat...

guests arriving,those are aunty Chaya's parents greeting aunty Martha and grandma Rita

This was the food, there was a lot of food and dessert...

Great Grandma,aunty Martha,uncle Gachanja,Salome,me,my cousin Josh and Jonathan,aunt Caro and grandma Joyce
uncle Gachanja, Salome and I

aunty Chaya,Salome and I

my cousin Josh and I

mummy,aunt Chaya and aunt Martha