Wednesday, May 26, 2010

look at the other children looking so lovely
still getting down

owami n I dancing

sipping some juice at the bday party

aunty Hawa assisted Sonia to cut the cake
mum and daughter talk

Sonia with her mum Hawa Mkamba

here she was getting ready to blow the candle with aunty Mboni(MC) directing her on what to do

Wow,Sonia had 2 cakes

owami got her face painted,it looks really lovely
me on the water slide

Owami was having fun on the water slide castle

Playing on the jumping castle

Owami and I at Sonia's bday on 23rd May 2010 (Sonia is aunt Hawa Mkamba's daughter)

my mummy met Diamond a famous artist in tanzania, he won 3 awards this year
This is me arriving at Jameel's party with his present, i bought him a laptop

games with the other children

when we got to funky's we played games first

Getting down time

the music was gud i tell you
check me out getting down

Thats the bday boy with his mom Kisa and next is aunty Diana

That was the cake

the cake was very appetising so i decided to taste it as you can see i have cream on my finger

Jameel cutting his bday cake, his mummy was helping him
mummy thank you for always being there and loving me always, a cake for you from my heart

dear daddy,please will you accept this bday cake as a token of appreciation for all ur love

Malaika got a chance to taste the cake on behalf of the girls
bday boy Jameel with his mummy Kisa Maliq

yummy cake

aunty Julie and I getting down, i love her coz she is lots of fun
this is aunty Fausta and her son Jovani,they were also there at the bday. by the way Jovani and I are almost twins, we were born one day apart, i was born o 6 June 2008 and him 07 June 2008.

My friend Marcelle was also at Jameel's 2nd bday party

Aunty Zena's daughter at Jameels bday party
another day at marrybrown,i love this place

The drink was yummy

my first attempt climbing the jungle gym
check me out almost getting to the top,im the one infront with a yellow skirt and white top

Owami was not as fascinated with the cat as i was

Owami (my best friend) and I at Marrybrown playing
My friend Owami and I at Marrybrown, we were fascinated by this big cartoon

aunty Julie and I posing for a photo she was also with us at aunty Chaya's house

I always visit Elsa and Dereck at their home so i asked my mummy to take a snap
This almost looked like a real monkey

my cousin didnt seem to enjoy the jumping castle
Salome,Abby and I just chilling catching up on our stories

My new friend Abby and her mommy Mary were with us at Lion Park
Mommy and I,i needed juice after all the playing

The elephant ride was terrifying oooooooohhhhhh look at my face
Thats me and my mom's bestfriend Lerato and her daughter Myaso