Monday, November 8, 2010

Big up to mummy,she met the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,this was the day he was sworn in on 6 October 2010 at the State House!!!
She also met former president Hon.Ali Hassan Mwinyi

this is me shopping with mummy

on saturday 06 october 2010 i went to marrybrown to play with Abrielle,Abby and Adiel (my mum's god child)

On October 31,2010 i got a golden opportunity to visit the Channel Ten studios, below are the pictures of my visit....i was so excited and suprised at all the things i saw.

i got a chance to visit the studio
thats me in transmission...

here i am with some of the transmission staff, Fredy and Issa is the one carrying me.

mum's workmates were really busy with the elections,thats all of us in the studio,standing is aunty Resty,babu Hamza Kassongo,aunty Dina and carrying me is aunty Dorcas

this is the other side of the studio

this is a sample of the access cards that the reporters wore during the October 2010 election
Election fever was felt by all including us the children....

uncle Klaus came home with aunty Julie and i had the honor of serving him juice.

then we took a pic,he is one of my favorite uncles

here i am with aunty Nargis and aunty Faiza at Sea cliff,we were busy shopping for aunty Nargis' baby who is coming very soon....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

one of those days in my naughty corner, on this day i was really rebellious..mum switched off the lights and i still didnt care...
Owami,Lulu and I at marrybrown

with our juice bottles having a few sips

then a smiling competition....

Owami was making me laugh with her smile hahahaha check Lulu trying so hard,we had fun