Thursday, January 13, 2011


On 31st December 2010,we went to Movenpick to celebrate New Years,when we arrived we found a table reserved for us!!!wow,nice
this was part of the food we ate

thats me showing off the cracker

when we arrived we found crackers like the one im holding...guess what was inside...
me and my aunty posing for a picture

mummy and I

the best mummy in the world ADELINE MUSHI,i love her too much

This is the family God blessed me with,L to R is my dear grandpa who always treats me when im sick coz he is a children's doctor,then aunty,mummy,grandma and I...I love them so much and they love me..

beautiful aunty Carolynah,i just love her,she always spoils me with many clothes..
during dinner there were dancers who really entertained us

more dancers

check the one in the middle wearing a mask..he scared me

mummy and I

yey!!its new years...
mummy,aunty Carolinah and I


check out my lovely dress...

more me

i love this picture and the background
mummy dearest and I

dont we look absolutely stunning,mummy,aunty Carolynah and I

I got a golden chance of posing with the Movenpick chefs who prepared our tasty dinner

After dinner there was a special Michael Jackson dance which i found very interesting

michael Jackson dance
we met mum's friend aunty Killy...

on 30th December 2010,we drove back to Dar,here im busy with my suitcase

on 29th December 2010,we went to say bye to great grandma at her house in Mailisita,here we are in the garden

mum took us a picture jus before we went into the house

grandma put a tree in her house and it was so beautiful,i hope my mummy also puts a Christmas tree this year
thats me and great grandma posing for a picture

great grandma bought a nice dress for my grandma and there u can see my grandma showing off the dress that her mum bought for her,there i was imitating her...

thats me and great grandma just sitting,there i was holding a card that she gave me for Christmas,she is so sweet