Tuesday, June 15, 2010


my party banner,can you see my picture on it!!!
Thank you Lord for making me so beautiful

Me being me

My dear mummy and I

pretty me!!!!
aunty Mbonie(I love her so much she always makes me laugh),mummy and I

my mummy and her friends, these aunties love me so much and i love each one of them in a special way, mwaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Mummy busy putting on a bday hat for Owami my friend,and barney is watching how mummy is doing it

aunty Mwamy(She is ever so sweet,i cant believe what she and aunty Sophy gave me as a bday gift,wow!!), mummy and I

my mummy and aunty Dineo, i love them to bits
mummy,aunty Dineo and aunty Mwamy

aunty Nasriya,mummy,Sabrina,Nutayla and other friends

uncle Gachanja, Jonathan and I

my friend Malaika

my dear aunty Nargis and my mummy, i just love these two people
Mshai her mum and my mummy

aunty Nokwazi,mummy and Shamsa

mr tiger face, hahaha


mummy and her dear friend Zainab
My friend Mshai

my friend Jasmine

Monday, June 14, 2010

my aunties Julie carrying Montel and aunty Kisa carrying her son Jameel

Me and my nanny Dada Esther, she takes good care of me, i love her so much

My other family on my grandma's side,aunty Caroline,me and mum,my cousins Joshua and Jonathan and their dad Gachanja

Our relatives on my grandpa's side, aunty Annete, her son Nathan who has been carried by aunty Brenda and my mummy behind


my aunty Caro and cousin Joshua with Barney
winnie the pooh with Dereck,Elsa and Malaika

aunty Nargis playing along with us

Cornel and I jumping

my friend Owami doing her thang

my cousin Joshua showing us how the skipping is done
we were busy concentrating on the clowns show and how they really do it!!

clowns show was fantastic

Georgia was having fun with the clowns

even i was busy wiggling it....the hula hoop was fun

wiggle it, just a lit bit moreeeee....
children listening to instructions of the game from the clowns

games games games,there are my friends enjoying

more games

check me out with my VUVUZELA as well, i was also intouch with the world cup theme

and this was my cake!!thanks to Caros Cakes in Mbezi for baking this lovely cake for me, special thanks to my grandma Mary who ensured it came out perfect.
I really loved the VUVUZELA vibe,thats aunty Dineo and aunty Mwamvita blowing more VUVUZELA's,my mummy and aunty Dineo were also in the Bafana Bafana gear.

we were in line with the current soccer world cup theme,as you can see aunty Nokwazi is blowing a VUVUZELA....and she is also wearing the BAFANA BAFANA GEAR.

i was so impressed when all the children started singing the happy bday song

i was anxiously waiting to taste this cake,coz it looked so yummy

mummy feeding me cake...
a piece of cake for my dear mummy

kiss to my mama, i love her too much

my friend Owami having a taste

Shamsa tasting the cake