Friday, August 27, 2010

thats me
me again

more me smiling at you

even more Sallyrose

and a close up...... mwaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

we had nice food at white sands when i was there last weekend,thats Elsa,Elma aunty Chaya and I

us enjoying the good food

yummy yummy

the pool was my favorite,mummy had to carry me by force coz i didnt want to leave...

the pool was fun
me and dereck in the pool

Elsa and I in the pool

then i played in the sand with a friend's ball

thats me looking nice in my swim suit

this is where we were throwing the sand
we were picking the sand and throwing it in the shower basin

we built a sand mountain

here we were busy building

i was putting a special touch on the mountain with Elsa

Elsa,Derek and I thought it would be a good idea to run off to the ocean....
baby Elma and aunty Chaya enjoying the breeze

mummy and i went driving one evening to a girls dorm and i made friends with these aunties,they are so sweet and i had fun with them

when mummy was busy dressing i thought i should also get busy...she was so mad at me..

thats me on the train ride at slipway

Thursday, August 19, 2010

thats mummy and aunty Mariam, thank you aunty Mariam for all your love, you are so sweet and i love you so much, THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME JUST AS I AM.
for those of you who dont know my mom, this is her!!! she is world's number 1 mum!! mwaaaaahhh!! i love her too much.

me and Owami posing for pictures

while Owami posed for a picture,i read a book

me and my new friend at Marrybrown, she just loved me and followed me everywhere i went. she was so sweet.

me and my friend
i liked the doctor's wall,these were thank u notes from other children, i will also write to him when i learn how to write

here i was waiting for the doctor to bring the medicine for my flu,thank God there was no malaria

he is such a kind doctor,after checking me he zipped my jersey.

here he was busy diagnosing me

i thot he was going to inject me so i started crying
i was sick 2 weeks ago so mummy took me to my paediatrician

so i decided to get a picture with him just to excite him

this boy was busy trying to chuff me up so i told him that i am older than him so it wont work but he insisted

im trying to scare you....grrrrrrrrr!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


party banner with the birthday girl's name
birthday girl SAMYA,she was turning 4 years old on 31 july 2010

she is so gorgeous

Samya and her mummy Moonira

pretty my top
aunty Moonira and her baby Sania

baby Jovani (we are like twins coz im only one day older than him)

aunty Belinda,i like her hairstyle

Shakira the diva

cute little baby boy
brother and sister (i think)


pretty,lovely smile