Thursday, August 19, 2010

i thot he was going to inject me so i started crying
i was sick 2 weeks ago so mummy took me to my paediatrician

so i decided to get a picture with him just to excite him

this boy was busy trying to chuff me up so i told him that i am older than him so it wont work but he insisted

im trying to scare you....grrrrrrrrr!!!


  1. hi sally rose, you are beautiful baby.

  2. Sallyrose pole mpenzi,nilikumiss sana.Rafiki

  3. its me friend from denmark am look foward to see you!!!! next summer 2011 when i come to visit my grandmother, am half tanzanian half denish. Now my trial to lean swahili.

  4. asante sana rafiki niko nafuu kwa sasa. miss you more...

    wow!!it will be so nice to meet you my friend, i will teach you Kiswahili and i will take you to play where my mummy takes u