Tuesday, September 7, 2010

this is my friend coz our mum's were pregnant at the same time and she is older than me by just one month and guess what, we both cant chew and we are two years old hahaha
this is Precious and I, her mum works with my mum

thats me in church at Agape life church we have a TV station called ATN, our founder is Apostle Fernandes and his wife Annie Fernandes they love me so much,thats at the children's church

mummy took me to marrybrown and i met other friends...

Thats aunty Mariana and her sons, she went to university with my mummy in Botswana


  1. Tell mom akupeleke Juche's Saloon pale Mikocheni kwa Mwinti they know how to suka kids ask Aunty Salma mwambie nataka mistari you will see at the end wanaongeza rasta kidogo na nywele haikati na inakuwa vizuri tuu utapendeza mno dont use Uzi inakata nywele ....But mum shoulg go first for appointment pale kwa mwinyi wanapouza burger ask Juche Saloon

  2. thank you so much aunty, you have really helped me coz mummy was looking for a place where they suka bila uzi coz uzi unakata nywele sana,asante sana now watch my hair grow...yey!!love u

  3. Sallyrose umependeza siwezi kusubiri nikione utakavyosukwa na aunt Salma.Mpe hi mum.

  4. asante sana aunty kwa namba ya aunty Salma, mummy wangu kasema kua atanipeleka huko nikasuke. tena nimeanza shule nitapendeza sana nikawaoneshe na marafiki zangu wa shule.