Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i was showing grandma Rita my true colors of being naughty when she served us cake, Sallyrose in action
still busy playing with the cake, twas fun

thats grandpa Abraham,we had gone to visit him as he had recently had a stroke...he is doing well and we thank God for that

that is aunty Shamim,sometimes she helps mummy to take care of me on weekends like there she is happily doing her job

thats me at the new complex opposite sea cliff village,mummy took me to enjoy the splash balls


  1. jamani msalimie grandma, kumbe ndio mama, hongera ade

  2. nitamsalimu, yeye ni dadake my real grandma wanafatana kuzaliwa,huyu grandma Rita ni namba tatu kuzaliwa and my grandma Salome ni namba 4 kuzaliwa.