Tuesday, December 28, 2010

this sculpture really fascinated me....look how tall she is....
i love water and this fountain was right outside the hotel by the entrance

its dinner time....here im having mince and mashed potato and brocolli

me being me again

i just love the scenery at Mount Meru hotel

mummy was really having a good time taking pictures of me

now you can see how much i love posing

me and aunt Feza

I met aunty Feza who once took part in Miss Tanzania,she is also my mum's friend

thats me posing for u again

i met babu Hamisi Kindoroko, i really liked him, he is mummy's friend and she was happy to see him in Arusha at our hotel
thats me and baby Nur, her mum and my mum went to university together
thats me, Nur's mum Sophy and mummy,it was such a suprise to mummy to meet aunt Sophy

me by the fountain at the hotel

Cornelia Bulengo and I
Amal Bulengo,Sean (standing),mummy and i,aunty Lillian and Cornelian Bulengo, they came to visit us, aunty Lillian worked with my mum long time ago at Stanbic bank and they still gud friends
us again
me having lunch

thats me and my mummy having breakfast

mummy and my aunty carolina having breakfast
Mummy,aunty and me

yummy food...mmhhhhh!!

thats me and aunty Carolina taking pictures in the hotel

me being me

thats grandpa,grandma,aunty and I

hahaha aunty Carolina enjoying her chicken

us again posing

On 26th December 2010,we had an event of distributing the clothes of my late great grand father Mzee Samwel Joel Mushi, and my grandma is the one who preached during this event as you can see below
here you can see grandmas listening attentively

after the preaching there were prayers
here you can see the clothes that were to be distributed
the first one to bbe given clothes was my great grandma because they were her husband's clothes,and the person who was distributing the clothes was my other great grandpa who is the young brother of my late grandpa and he is the one who has been handed over the whole clan according to the tradition

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